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We are very glad and excited to have your show choir attending this year’s Locopalooza! If there are any unanswered questions after reading this information, please contact Mr. Justin Ranek at Altoona High School.

Phone: (715) 839-6031 Ext. 451.

We look forward to your arrival at Locopalooza on Saturday, January 26, 2019!

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The Altoona High School “Locopalooza” Show Choir Invitational is a divisional competition. We have four classes for the competition. They are Middle School, Prep, Interme-diate, and Open Class. Schools with 400 or more students will compete in Class AA. Schools with fewer than 400 students or prep groups have the option of competing in Class A or AA.



Choirs are free to render any type of performance they wish. There is no maximum or minimum number of songs a group must perform. Music need not be given to the judges.



Directors may be on stage with their group to direct if they wish.



Any type of instrumental accompaniment may be used. All participants, including instrumentalists, must be students in the school they are representing. (Exception: Pianists may be an adult.) Those groups, however, will not be eligible for the outstanding backup combo award. The award for the outstanding backup combo will be presented to a combo comprised of student members only.



To avoid congestion and keep the contest running smoothly, ALL Equipment (drums, instruments, props) should be brought on from the stage right door and removed to stage left.



The preferred entrance is on stage right, however, once the preceding choir has completely left the area, performers may enter either side, but must exit stage left (Larger props may need to be brought in stage through outside doors.).



Choirs are allotted a maximum of thirty (30) minutes on the performance stage. After the performance, choirs will be critiqued in the Middle School band room.



No special lighting requests will be granted. House lights will be off, and the stage will be well lit during the performance.



No one will be permitted to enter or leave the gym once a group has begun its performance.



For the safety of all, no form of fire, firearm, pyrotechnics, dry ice or fog machines are allowed on stage. If there are any questions as to what may be used, please contact the show choir director.

What We Provide


Sound System (complete with five wireless mics, monitor speakers, and PA)

Music Stands

Power Strips

Performance Stage

The performance platforms rest on a stage 40’ by 32’ and are elevated 32” off the main floor. On the performance stage, you will have four rows of plats, 32’ wide and 16’ deep.

Set Stage

There will be 8' of unrestricted dance space on the stage in front of the “set stage”. There will be 8' of space behind the “set stage”. The “set stage” will consist of a series of risers in 4 rows- each a different height off the stage.

A RISERS: There are four sections of 8" high risers. Each section is 4' deep and 8' long.

B RISERS: There are four sections of 16” high risers. Each section is 4' deep and 8' long.

C RISERS: There are four sections of 24” high risers. Each section is 4' deep and 8' long.

D RISERS: There are four sections of 32” high risers. Each section is 4' deep and 8' long.


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