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Locopalooza FAQs

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Where can I park when I arrive?

Altoona High School has a parking lot to the north of the high school. You may park there or on any side street near the school.


How do I get to Locopalooza?

You can find easy directions on our Directions & Parking page.


Do you have concessions?

Yes, we have many concessions for sale in our Caboose Cafe. You can find the menu here.


Can I take photos of the performers?

Locopalooza does allow audience members to take photos during the performance. However, we do ask that no flash photography is used to keep it safe for performers.


Can I take a video of the performances?

Locopalooza will not have a videographer this year as its become increasingly easy for people to take their own.  So yes, you may video tape (without flash), take pictures and if you get some great ones, share them with us for our website.  We do NOT however allow FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.  Any guest doing so will be warned once to stop and then asked to leave if it persists.  This is for the safety of our performers.  Please respect this.  


How much is admission to Locopalooza?

Locopalooza charges $15 for an all day pass. Programs are also available for $4.


What happens in the event of a tie for finals?

Should there be a tie on total points, the deciding factor will be highest Vocal Scores for the tie-breaker, if there is a tie for vocals, the secondary factor will be highest Choreography.  All decisions are final. If there is a third category, it will be determined by stage crew.



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